About us

About us

Well, where do we start?

Around 10 years ago I was bought an activity day ticket for my birthday and that's where it started. I was hooked. I completed a full course at the English School of Falconry down in deepest darkest Bedfordshire, and stayed on as a volunteer for many years. Many thanks to the Gooden Family for teaching me all I know and for putting up with me! From my life at the centre and visiting various centres across the country for volunteering holidays, I have trained and flown most all sorts from Little owl's to White tailed sea eagles and particuly enjoy the nasty ones. I see myself as more of a austringer rather than a long winger.


Gaining an Interest in Falconry Equipment


Now you're asking why did I start getting into falconry equipment? That's a good question. I really got fed up with paying good money for products that were deemed to be of a good quality to find they don't last, fail or just give up. I must say a big thank you to the wonderful Bob Dalton for showing me the ropes in the variety of equipment available and the behind the scenes of running a stall at the fairs.

If you want to see where it all started and want to visit a amazing centre of over 200 birds where the owners show more passion, experience and love for the birds in their care go and visit Birds of Prey Centre.